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CADlibris.com – Environment for CAD libraries.


CADteam Lithuanian Authorised Autodesk dealer and developer.


IN RE Ltd. — SolidWorks Solution Partner.


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Long Sections and Cross Sections

New functionality added for KitoxLG application. Download.


BricsCAD V14

BricsCAD V14 (Windows) released. Download trial.


kitox.com - 10 years!

Many thanks to all of users


BricsCAD V13

BricsCAD V13 (Windows) released. Download.


Triangulation and Contour lines

KitoxLG application for Bricscad and AutoCAD updated.


KitoxLG v2

KitoxLG v2 released.

Most important updates:
- Improved point import, picket blocks added,
- Export of polygon's coordinates to TXT and SQLite db,
- Scale settings.
- Lithuanian Specifications of topographic maps (blocks, linetypes, hatches, layers)


Bricscad V12 (Linux)

Bricsys released Bricscad V12 for Linux. Bricscad V12 (Linux) for orders from the Baltic States already added at CADsoft.lt


Freeware LISP library

Freeware KitoxLib LISP library for Bricscad, all versions, for Windows and Linux.


CADsoft forum

Forum for kitox.com applications support launched at CADsoft.


Winter promotion

Season discounts to all products of KitoxToolset.


Greetings in LISP style again :)

Just copy code below into AutoCAD's or Bricscad's command line and press Enter:

(setq sapi (vlax-create-object "Sapi.SpVoice"))
(vlax-invoke sapi "Speak" "I wish you the best of everything in New 2011 Year! Thanks for using KitoxToolset from www.kitox.com" 0)
(vlax-release-object sapi)


KitoxToolset promotion

KitoxToolset updated for Bricscad V11. Promotion for Permanent license with 60% discount until 2010-12-31 started.


CAD software and services catalog for the Baltic States

“In axis”, Ltd. in collaboration with “Geobaltus”, Ltd. announcing new catalog for CAD software and services. CADsoft.lt is oriented to the Baltic States, but several products are available for ordering Worldwide.


KitoxLG v1.1

Application for Point import from text file and data management. Download...


KitoxToolset v7.2

KitoxToolset v7.2 for Bricscad and AutoCAD updated.

Several commands requested by our users added.
New local version: Japanese.

Promotion for every new Bricscad's License or upgrade in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - KitoxToolset 360 for free of charge!
About Bricscad.


Local versions

Russian and Romanian versions added.


KitoxToolset v7

KitoxToolset v7 for AutoCAD and Bricscad launched.

KitoxToolset is supported for Bricscad V9 Classic / AutoCAD 2000 and all newer versions. Single installer for all platforms prepared. Demo version updated to fully functional 30 days Trial License, just Activation for extended Evaluation period required. New translation system will make release of next local versions easy. New user-friendly License manager and Menu builder just implemented. From now user can Order and leave on screen only useful toolbars. This new Licensing concept was started last summer and from now it's fully cut-and-dried. And more - from now it's possible to make License Order for different Periods, from 30 days to 720. Hope this new Licensing policy may fulfil all needs of every new or existing user. And many thanks for choosing KitoxToolset for your everyday CAD works!

KitoxToolset v7 upgrade Promotion till 2010-04-30 started.

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Season's Greetings in LISP Style :)

Download Season's Greetings LISP file or preview video at first.
We wish you Merry Chistmas and Happy New 2010 Year!
Have fun from lisp and visit us sometimes.



Started for CP-System reselling.
Download 30 days trial.

CP-System is a professional 2D-CAD-system with elements and functions to create isometric views and 3D projects. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows to start a project without intensive software-training. CP-System cooperates with CAD systems like Bricscad, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and IntelliCAD. The following modules of CP-System are available:

CP-System HVAC is a powerful application to design technical building equipment.

CP-System Electrical is a powerful application to design lighting, low-tension, power plant, aerial, alarm and other electrical installations used in architectural plans and maps.

CP-System Mechanical is a powerful application to create mechanical and structural projects.

CP-System Architectural is a powerful application to design architectural drawings.


Kitox.com group at Facebook

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Started for GeoTools reselling. GeoTools is an add-on program for EVERY AutoCAD and Bricscad users to improve productivity and ease of every-day use. There are 250+ powerful tools for general CAD, Engineering, GIS, Mapping and Survey industry covering all areas.


New CAD tools line

"In axis" starting new CAD tools line. Complete necessary tools at your choice and pay for really wanted only. There are a lot of universal, expanded utilities, but do you really need all the tools from these sets? We offer to get separate tools you really need.
First set from this serie is committed to the Title blocks. Application created for automatical drawing layout and title block insertion. It inserts drawing layout for required scale and fills-in title block by one-time filled template.
You can find a lot of similar applications. Why we offer another? We want to share with you how to fill-in title block in a simple and handy way.



"In axis", Ltd starting dealership of Bricsys NV products in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Fast Specificator v5

Fast Specificator v5 released. Fast Specificator - Application for 2D facade cladding, purlins, sandwich panels, load bearing profiles, roofing cladding, joints and flashings, fixing drawings and specifications in AutoCAD environment. Application was created under individual order, prepared local versions in English, Czech, Spanish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish languages.
Fast Specificator video presentation.
Similar application for drafting and specifications could be prepared for renovation, glass facades, reinforced-concrete elements, wooden framework and other projects.


Block libraries

Announcing new CAD libraries environment - CADlibris.com
Perfect opportunity for producers to share production drawings with drafters and designers.


LISP of the Month

KitoX Tools v4.5 was noted as LISP of the Month at http://www.spaug.org

2005 08 08

Tool of the Week again

„KitoX toolset“ for the second time was chosen as Tool of the Week at CADdepot.com http://www.caddepot.com/newsletter/06feb2005.htm.

2005 02 06

KitoX.com on TenLinks.com

KitoX.com website has been chosen to appear on TenLinks.com http://tenlinks.com/cgi-bin/search/search.pl?Terms=kitox.

2004 03 28

KitoxToolset v7

KitoxToolset v7 AutoCAD ir Bricscad aplinkai.

KitoxToolset yra palaikomas Bricscad V9 Classic / AutoCAD 2000 ir naujesnėse versijose. Paruoštas bendras diegiklis visoms platformoms. Demo versija pakeista į pilnai veikiančią 30-ies dienų Bandomąją versiją, kurią tereikia aktyvuoti el.paštu. Nauja vertimų sistema leis nesunkiai paruošti naujas lokalias versijas. Sukurtos naujos vartotojui draugiškos Licencijų ir Meniu valdymo sistemos. Nuo dabar vartotojas gali užsakyti ir palikti ekrane tik reikalingus įrankius. Ši nauja Licencijavimo koncepcija buvo pradėta 2009-ais metais ir jau yra įgyvendinta. Dar daugiau - nuo šiol galima užsakyti Licenciją skirtingiems laikotarpiams, nuo 30 iki 720 dienų. Tikimės, kad ši nauja Licencijavimo politika patenkins visus naujų ir esamų vartotojų poreikius. Dėkojame, kad naudojate KitoxToolset savo kasdieniniams darbams!

Prasidėjo KitoxToolset v7 atnaujinimo akcija iki 2010.04.30.