Kitox Toolset:
    kitox dimtools
    kitox infotools
    kitox notes
    kitox SmartTools
    kitox tools
    kitox mathtools


files kb-level1.dwg, ks-level1.sld.

files kb-level2.dwg, ks-level2.sld.

files kb-level3.dwg, ks-level3.sld.

files kb-level4.dwg, ks-level4.sld.

files kb-level5.dwg, ks-level5.sld.

files kb-level6.dwg, ks-level6.sld.

files kb-level7.dwg, ks-level7.sld.

1-5 blocks are included into standard SmartLevel dialog.
To change 6th block instead of 3th, for example, rename files kb-level6.dwg to kb-level3.dwg and ks-level6.sld to ks-level3.sld (overwrite files). Use standard "insert" command to redefine old SmartLevel block if it is already inserted.

SmartTools help

SmartLevel command dialog



Submission of other user defined Level Indicator block is available via email.